Accounting is a fun field for people who love to crunch numbers and help others succeed financially. I have been an accountant for many years and I strongly suggest the field to anyone who is good at math and loves a challenge. However, one of the biggest struggles of higher education is finding a great school for your major. If you need help deciding which school is right for you, here are the top universities with the best accounting degrees.

University of Texas — Austin

You might not expect University of Texas to have the highest-ranked undergraduate accounting program in the country, but it’s true. At the McCombs School of Business you’ll take classes like Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and General Management & Strategy to achieve your BBA in Accounting. A bonus of this major is its ability to be paired with another fairly easily. Finance, for example, requires many of the same foundational courses and uses many of the same general education suggestions as Accounting.

University of Illinois

Another great school for undergraduate accounting is the University of Illinois. You are required to take 21 credit hours in accountancy (as they call it), including either Advanced Financial Reporting or Advanced Income Tax Problems. When you graduate, you will receive a BS in Accountancy, which may sound strange to potential employers. However, since this is ranked the #2 school in the country for accounting, they should be able to look beyond that, assuming they keep up to date. Within the college of business, you can also take Finance or Business Administration.

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University has a unique approach to their curriculum in that every student receives the same exact education as the others. They do state that although the instructors may be different, the lesson plans and assessments are all the same, as the instructors are required to plan their classes together. Another unique aspect of BYU is that students are not placed into the Accounting major upon arrival, but must complete prerequisites and then apply to be accepted into the program.

University of Pennsylvania

If you are looking to graduate from an Ivy League school, University of Pennsylvania may be the place for you. UPenn keeps it simple, explaining that there are only 6 accounting courses required to graduate, for a total of 18 credits. Furthermore, accounting is considered a concentration at UPenn. However, if you would like to stay in school longer and complete an MBA or a PhD in Accounting, UPenn also offers these degrees.

Choosing a school is difficult for anyone, but accounting is one area that is often overlooked at universities. If you want to graduate with a degree that really means something, I highly suggest applying to these universities.