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Douglas Labrozzi has been performing accounting and attestation compliance since 1994.

3 Overlooked Tax Deductions Douglas Labrozzi

3 Overlooked Tax Deductions

The most recent data reveals that the 45 million Americans who filed taxes claimed over a trillion dollars in deductions. And out of that giant number, over seven-hundred million dollars were from the standard deduction alone. And, to be honest, many of the people who took the standard deduction probably had the right to a […]

Is AI The Next Accountant_

Is AI The Next Accountant?

One of the key advances in computer technology in the last ten years has been the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit addressing. While the technical ramifications of this shift are a fascinating topic for programmers, the practical benefits had largely escaped the average computer user until the advent of data mining for professions like accounting. […]

How Will The GOP Tax Bill Affect You?

The news has been covering many laws recently, but none are more pertinent in my industry than the proposed GOP tax bill. The truth is: whether the House bill or the Senate bill passes, there are big changes coming that will affect your tax returns. Here are some of the biggest possible changes. Take-Home Pay […]

Universities With The Best Accounting Degrees Douglas Labrozzi

Universities With The Best Accounting Degrees

Accounting is a fun field for people who love to crunch numbers and help others succeed financially. I have been an accountant for many years and I strongly suggest the field to anyone who is good at math and loves a challenge. However, one of the biggest struggles of higher education is finding a great […]

What Everyone Should Know About Accounting Douglas Labrozzi

What Everyone Should Know About Accounting

Accounting is a mystery to most people who haven’t studied it. It’s complex and involves a ton of math, so people usually give up trying to understand it at the first sign of an unknown. As an accountant, I think it’s important for the general public to have a knowledge of some basic parts of […]


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